Detalhe fabricação

Produced in over 20 tons, provides a multitude of options and combinations of up to five colors per tile. The pieces are available in sizes 20x20cm, 15x15cm, 10x20cm, 10x10cm and can be used both external and internal areas, such as floor coverings, walls, talbe tops and other uses.

The floor decoration is made with a cement mixture with pigments in which a surface layer causes the color resist many years.

The design is obtained from metal shapes, in which the colors are poured according to the tread pattern.

Then, the form is pressed with a common cement and subjected to great pressure by a hand press. Once formatted, the hydraulic tile is removed from the press and placed on racks to dry, the next day the tiles are immersed in water for 24 hours. They are stacked vertically to process the curing and drying.

The manufacture of hydraulic tile is handmade and 100% ecological, for not having any kind of burning in their production process.